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Whatsminer M60 is a powerful air-cooled mining device for the SHA-256 algorithm, launched in October 2023, it comes in 3 variants of hashrate power: 168 Th with 3303 Watts, 170 Th with 3343 and 176 Th with 3383 Watts.

Manufacturer MicroBT
Model WhatsMiner M60
System Air Cooling
Release October 2023
Size 430mm*155mm*226mm
Weight 13.5KG
Noise level 72db
Hash Rate 168-176T±5%
Power Ratio 19.9J/T±10%
Reference Power on Wall 3303-3383W±10%
PSU P221B/P222B AC220V ~ 240V
Power Cable Model IEC C19,>>16A
Working Temperature -5℃ ~ 35℃
Network Connection Ethernet


Warranty period is 365 days.

The following conditions will void the warranty:

1. The mining machine itself was dismantled, and the components were changed and replaced;
2. Lightning strikes, voltage surges, poor quality power supplies, etc;
3. Water, circuit boards and components are damaged by moisture and corrosion;
4. The board has burnt marks or the chip is burnt;
5. Overclocking;
6. Private use of the major mining machine manufacturers batch monitoring tools, silencers, IP search tools, resulting in machine damage or scrap will not accept warranty replacement;

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